Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liar Liar Pants On Fire (#2)

Top 10 lies women tell men;

1. "I don't care how much money you have."

It has been proven that women want a guy who is financially stable and independent. They aren't all looking for a sugar daddy; they just want to know that their man is capable of taking care of a potential future family. Of course, your girlfriend probably won't tell you this so as not to scare you off with discussions about family and the future.

Advice: Tricky one if you don't have cash, but try and put a little aside when you can and she'll think you're fantastic.

2. "It doesn't bother me when you check out other women."

It's quite simple: She wants to feel like you only have eyes for her but will lie because she doesn't want it to look that way. She wants to appear to be open-minded but is actually upset when you check out the hot blonde in the supermarket.

Advice: You're better off not letting your eyes wander too often if you don't want it to blow up in your face when you least expect it.

3. "You're right."

Normally rears its ugly head at the argument which ends with her telling you that you were right. Don't believe her? Even if she realizes she's wrong, chances are slim to none that she'll actually admit it. The fact is that many women will tell you that you're right to shut you up, but what they're really thinking is: "He'll find out soon enough that I'm right." Then she'll proceed to find some devious way to prove her point.

Advice: Be prepared for the devious ways and have your argument all ready, again so she can't catch you unawares.

4. "I won't get mad if you say I look fat."

Not so much a lie as a trap. No matter what you say, she will get angry. If you try to tell her that she looks great, she'll accuse you of lying to make her feel better, on the other hand, if you tell her that she has, in fact, put on a couple of pounds, you're likely to set off a war in your living room.

Advice: The only way to deal with this situation (short of faking a heart attack) is to brace yourself and wait until the monsoon passes.

5. "I love sports."

Ah, another first date classic as she searches for a common interest. But unless you're lucky enough to have found one of the rare true female sports fans out there, within a few weeks, she'll probably be complaining every time you sit down to watch a game. This lie really sucks because it feeds false hopes in the minds of unsuspecting men.

Advice: I wish there was some advice to give, but sorry guys your dreams of curling up with a six-pack and a hot woman to watch the game with are probably going to forever remain pure fantasy.

6. "I don't mind picking up after you."

Once again, this is a lie your girlfriend might tell you at the beginning of your relationship. She'll say that she really doesn't mind picking up the dirty dishes you leave lying around and that she just loves doing the laundry. I hate to break it to you, but this isn't going to last either. Soon enough, she'll be telling you to wash your smelly socks yourself and that it's your turn to do the dishes.

Advice: Keep the place tidy (well tidier) and she may not complain too loudly.

7. "I love hanging out with your friends."

She might like your friends but she won't want them around her all the time. This is the kind of lie you get early on in a relationship but it doesn't mean you'll get away with a four hour poker session round your place every Saturday night.

Advice: Try to keep friends visits to a minimum and she might keep pretending she likes them.

8. "I wouldn’t change anything about you"

A woman can say this until she’s blue in the face. And in one way – she usually means it. But not in the way that means she loves how you leave the toilet seat up or spill cheese sauce on your T-shirt.

She means that she likes you and appreciates many different aspects of your personality. Rest assured; she doesn’t love or even like everything. There are bound to be some things about you that drive her stark-raving mad. But because she likes you, she’s not going to mention them.

Advice :
Think about what would annoy you if you're positions were reversed. Fix those things. Aim to never hear this again.

9. “I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Listen, if before you left the house to go out on a date, you had to shower, shave half your body, slather yourself in moisturizer, apply 99 overpriced products, put on several layers of makeup, flat-iron your hair, pick out the perfect outfit that makes you look sophisticated/sexy/spectacular, it would take you a long time to get ready, too. So, wait.

10. “That was delicious!”

If you cooked, we don’t care how it tastes. We will tell you we love it. Love us for that.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something To Believe In

The time spent in KL was the best;

Highlighted events @ KL last weekend (chronologically) :
- Missed our train to KL, so we have to catch the bus
- Entered the KLCC office at level 18 for the first time. Jakun bah
- Went to KTV karaoke, but the rooms were full and got waiting list
- So decided to go to uptown at Danau Kota
- Enoi's stitches got worse and ruptured, made her injured finger all bloody so had to go to clinic (at 3am), and oh had to pay RM40+
- Went shopping at Jalan TAR. We were soooo kun faya kun (jakun)
- At night, went to Bukit Ampang / Look Out Point / Bukit Saga / Bukit Indah to have a nice view of the city. Had dinner at Bread & Olives with boyfriend and his friends
-The next day went to Sungei Wang, and we were kun faya kun again coz the clothes are like so cheap

But boohoo to us coz when we arrived at UTP, the workloads are waiting....

p/s : Thanks for the memories guys

Friday, April 16, 2010


Before I get to the point, I just want to mention about the blog's background and header. Meant to make it look like a 22-years-old's-blog-who's-matured-yet-still-fun-to-be-with. But it turned out to look less "matured" than I thought it would be. Oh wth.

You see, Ive been thinking about the times that I have spent with boyfriend, from the time we got to know each other well and became best friends until this point where he is my boyfriend of 2 years. And also compared ourselves with the other couples. (I always talk about relationships and love stuffs, so boring, kan)

So I figured that everyone involved in relationships (I mean like, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships) has gone through, will be going through, are going through : the relationship phases;

[5-6 months]
I call this phase, The "honeymoon" Phase :p Anyway during this phase, you will feel like he is the best thing that has ever happened to you, love him to bits, you feel over the moon most of the times, smile or laugh at his jokes eventho it is obviously stupid, he will gladly call you almost every night, not to mention the good mornings and good nights every single day and he do sweet things to woo you and exchanging gooey eyes with each other is normal and all the cheesy metaphors are true. Even the things that usually annoys you, will be adorable when he does them.

[9-14 months]
And this phase is called The "after-honeymoon" Phase (hahah, siyes, sekda idea). After knowing him well, you will start to get comfortable with him, you tell him everything, from the things that going on in your family up to the things that your friends tell you (i.e gossips). You will start to notice each other's flaws and mistakes and this is the phase where you learn how to love everything about your partner including his flaws. And this is the time where you will argue with each other occasionally if not often :p so, both of you have to learn how to give and take, and there's this saying mentioning about dont lose the one u love just because you are too ego blablabla..

[15-20 months]
The "you're-my-boyfriend-so?" Phase. hahah. Up to this time, you guys have gotten so used to each other that farting or digging your nose in front him doesnt really matter (because he once told you, whatever you do, you will still look cute, so, yeah). The occasional arguments are still there and it will get worse if you still havent learnt how to give and take. (Frankly speaking, I think I havent, but boyfriend has so its kinda fine :p love u boyf, no hard feelings k). And you even dont mind sharing your toothbrush with him. And oh, the phone call every night? The number of calls will decrease as time passes by. You can be considered lucky if you are still receiving calls at least 3-4 times every week.

But there are still those sharing of gooey eyes, those cheesy love metaphors, the sweet things that he do, or the little things about you that he knows because he paid attention (when you think he was not), or how much he knows about you.. ;)

Yeah well, other people may have different experiences or different phases. This is just my assumption generally on how relationship goes on

[20 - infinity]
Ok, I have only experienced relationships until the last phase :p so I can just go this far

Wanna be happy like this when I am old (if I live long enough to be old).

Not like this

p/s : The contents of this post is not related to anyone (maybe 1000x) :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Deal?

Disclamation : This post contains a lot of whines

You know, being a final year is distressing;

Initial thought "Ooh, I will be a final year student soon, I can bully the juniors, I can be and look superior because I am the senior, people will have to respect me, I will have more free time because there will be less classes and only final year project to focus on"

Yeah right. So much of the free time. Have to spend your free times in the lab doing labour works, and if you're lucky got someone to help you (in my case, boyfriend and housemates). Ok fine, not all those final year projects require you to go to lab and do heavy stuffs, there also those topics where you can develop software, things blablabla. But frankly, I dont regret in choosing my FYP topic because I prefer working with something substantial rather than working on software, but then, both categories are difficult.

That is only the beginning, being a final year student you have to think about your plans for the future, what you are going to do as soon as you step out of the uni and if you want to continue with your education, take MSc.

People would be thinking us Petronas scholars would be guaranteed with jobs at the Petronas but no, we actually have to attend some sort of tests, interviews and stuffs. And being a final year student means you would be worrying about who will employ you (if Petronas decides not to hire you) and how you would survive in the scary world out of the uni since you have been comfortable inside the compounds of uni, everything provided to you, given to you.

And oh, not to mention your parents expectation on you. Especially for the first childrens.

So you see how distressing it is being a final year student?? *hyperventilate* I bet my classmates will say the same thing too.

Ok, so I should stop worrying about the future and first decide if I would want to continue and take MSc instead of going straight into the industry.

Pros of taking MSc;
-Higher education
-Higher pay
-Higher standards (wow)

-Studying, dunno if I can take more of that
-Stuck in uni for at least a couple of years in addition
-You have to do extensive research and be hardworking

Talked to mom about this, she said "You dont have to worry about working life yet, what you should consider is if you still want to study"

She got a point there, but I still worry about the future, I am usually the go-with-the-flow type, but I cant help worrying about this. Thinking about talking to the sponsorship officers about the sponsorship options and also some lecturers about this. But the thing is, am I even qualified for this kind of thing? Hm.

On an irrelevant note, I dont dare look at baby's pictures anymore, in case if it would make me miss him too much.

At least, I am sure of this future, will graduate from uni in less than a year.

Ha, been a long time since I have ideas to write. Ok, byebye.

p/s : Would appreciate some advice from friends too :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

See You No More

It was a few times that I have been dreaming about baby.

In this one dream, I dreamt that baby came back to me. Not alone, bringing together a female cat (his wife) and two cute kittens. In that dream I was so happy for the reunion and also for the addition. The kittens were so cute.

But then a number of mad dogs came to us, growling, and obviously wanting to eat baby and his family. Seeing as baby is oblivious of the danger I tried very hard to keep baby and his family away from the dogs. But my priority is baby because there is no way that I'm gonna lose him again.

Then it ends abruptly.

It wasnt until a few hours after I woke up, it hit me that I failed saving my baby and I'll never see him again... Nangis nangis nangis nangis and nangis.. Gila sedeh :'[

p/s : I really really really miss you baby