Friday, February 27, 2009

one year.. and counting

who's always there for me thru thick and thin.
who's only presence can take away my pain.
who's face that i always miss (even when im with you :P, that explains the staring most of the time).
who's willing to do almost anything for me.
who's fond of teasing me most of the time.
who's smell is my favourite smell of all time (no need perfume, hehe)
who's embrace is my favourite place in the world.
whom i call bucuk but actually smells nice.
who's goofy smile always brings a smile of my own.
who still loves me even when im being a bitch.
who knows how im feeling without me even telling.
who's willing to bear listening to all the gossips (coz im a busybody).
who i cant help but not feel angry or mad anymore when i look at him.

to be my bestfriend, lover, protector, and everything else at once, must be a hard job to do. i know coz im a difficult person, but still you stayed with me (tho at certain times, i expected u to run or give up on me). thank you for everything. we've gone this far, and yes, i still love you and will always be insyaAllah.

Happy Anniversary Sayang! :)

gamba blur :( but still cute hehe


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cool la kau tek!

i am still head over heels for my new computer. i love it more when people gawk at it. how nice.. kui33333. im allowed to have my own moment of  smugness ok even if i seem to be modest at times.

anyhu, since i dont have much mindless tittle tattle to write i wud like to share this pic;

credit to Check Lah Pok for this pic

aku sik tauk pahal mak nya potong rambut anak nya gya. kipas susah mati nike kali >_<

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I who have nothing

can i give up? can i give up trying now? im tired.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

take me away

when things go wrong, u'll start to wish for the impossible.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hello valentine's day

to say that so much had happened is an understatement.

with the staggering number of deaths of students from utp (mayb im exaggerating abit, but still..) for the last few months, i cant help but feel weird that life goes on, as if nothing had happened. another one died last monday; drowned in the waterfall in the nearby area. well, i dont really know how the story goes but u can know more from here and here.

and what with the chaos of the politics in Perak.. brrrr.. we are very fortunate that nothing else happened other than the usual demonstration against the resignation of the former MB.

as if its not enough, a group of people decided to complicate things more.. hehe

credit to Shira for the pic

maybe the message of this picture here is to warn people about how Valentine's (not valentine) Day is supposed to be haram for celebration, i mean we geddit, but the concept of the sentence is so wrong. "no valentine day, no fornication"? dont get me wrong, but if these people opened their eyes wider, they can see that fornication can happen almost everywhere, Valentine's Day or no Valentine's Day. come to think of it, it was pretty funny, the picture i mean. :P the girl malu2 plak nak ajak boyfriend dia to fornicate (?) haha...

and im not finished about the people complicating things more -apparently the citizens of the nearby housing estates had the nerve to write to our beloved bapak (the Rector la, haha) about how it is supposedly haram (again!) to organize an event on this Valentine's Day. they even threatened to have a demonstration and to complain about this matter to the Mufti Perak if the event is not cancelled, which is totally nonsense btw coz the organizing committee have worked so hard for this coming event. come on la, it makes a little bit of sense if they have protested on this event earlier, way earlier, before the organizing committees started their work on this event. to suddenly cancel the event, after months of hard work, is totally unfair. and to me, the date that the organizing committess chosen have nothing related to celebrate the V-Day, it just happens that it is the suitable date for their event.

in Sarawak, celebrating V-Day has never been an issue. tau2 sendiri la kan which is haram and which is not.

funny la how absurd Malaysians can be especially in East Malaysia. no offense tho :)

oh btw, the event is about Cultural Performance (FESCO) dunno what is the real name tho, will be going there with friends tonite (to show our support for the event, totally! and to enjoy ourselves of course) and i can assure you that there will be no fornication at the UTP Chancellor Hall later on during the event. haha :P


mandik lok. bye folks.

Friday, February 13, 2009

look alikes

cayak x mun aku madah style rambut tomok sama ngn style rambut rihanna??

pegi saloon yang sama kali ho... >_<

Friday, February 6, 2009


dunno how to put feedjit in my blog. sob sob. sedih2

Thursday, February 5, 2009


dedicated to twilight fans all over the world. haha...

Antsy Pants - Vampire

I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I am a vampire

I am a vampire
I have lost my fangs
I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I have lost my fangs

So I'm sad and I feel lonely
So I cry and I'm very angry
And I hate some garlic
So I'm so no more sad and
Ache yeah yeah

I am a vampire and
I am looking in the city
Pretty girls don't look at me
Don't look at me
Cause I don't have my fangs
But I have lost my fangs

I am a vampire
I am a vampire
I have lost my mouth again
I am a vampireI am a vampire
I have lost my mouth again

So I get bone and I shred
So I eat popcorn and I lose the weight
And I sing with my best looking
And I want to play the guitar
But my guitar is out of tuneI am a vampire
I am looking in the cd
And the musical don't play with me
Don't play with me

Because I don't play with my mouse again
And I have lost my mouse again

cant be bothered to actually post the song itself. u can search for it tho. its one of juno's soundtrack :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

let's go get lost

i cant get enough of;

- cloud 9s
-twilight the movie (i watched it 3 times already ok)
-twilight saga (i finished reading the twilight sequeals in barely a week, and im reading the last one for the second time)
-twilight websites
-hidup twilight, makan twilight, mandi twilight, minum twilight, tido twilight.