Monday, November 16, 2009


this clip made my day.

Kotak hati

i had to let them go. i had no choice. father insisted on sending them away because he said keeping them was too much of a hassle. i dont think they burden me. not at all. not when i love them so much. the mother had been living with us for more than a year already. she's practically family. but we have to part. my father wont keep her any longer. i vowed to myself that if by next year no one wants to adopt her yet i'll take her back. yes, i'll do that. even if i have to pay hundred of bucks for her. ive been missing her so much and been dreaming about her. sob3. u guys take care of yourselves now k. i'll be visiting and bring ur favourite food..fresh fishes. no more running around chasing each other for them. no more yummy food. only cat's biscuits. hu.

on a happier note, we'll be going back to Kota Marudu this wednesday to visit our nenek kebayan. cant wait. will be taking 2 weeks off from practical training.

it is 9.51am and i already browse through the net for pizza hut's delivery service. blergh. when will i stop eating like a pig i myself dont know.

Huuuu i miss Rio.

i dedicate this song to her.

i think i'll be depressed for at least a few days before i can get over this.

dah bye.

p/s: oh yea, 2012 is the bomb. like literally the bomb. totally movie of the year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Over the weekend

Bako National Park (chronology-ed);

in the boat. on the way to the Bako National Park jetty. was quite skalo coz having never seen the life of the sea people. :P

arrived at the jetty. i dunno what we were thinking bringing those bulky stuffs jungle trekking but we managed. haha. we dont really expect to walk that much (more than 4km) thats why u can see Wira only with shirt, shorts and slippers. lucky me and Nadia packed our shoes. just in case :P

we stopped for a while on this flat rocky surface of what i think is a large boulder before reaching the beach below. i was never a person to really stop and appreciate how beautiful the nature is but this is the one time that i feel speechless just looking down at the scenery. ok. mayb im exaggerating a bit. lol

and the beach was oh so beautiful. we had fun. pity i didnt bring spare clothes so i was not able to join the others swimming. we put our things beside a shallow stream and the water from the stream is pleasently cool and u can practically lie in it without getting drowned.

stopped for a while at the ledge next to the beach before heading back to the jetty. the trip was very refreshing and i wud certainly want to come back to this place (but must train stamina first) and the fact that i got sunburn and feel sore the next day is negligible. XD we didnt camwhore much on the way back to the jetty because we were very tired at that point that we barely talk to each other during the jungle trekking.

and oh ive came up with this list;
important things to bring when u go jungle trekking and beaching:
1. mosquito repellant (lotion or liquid or spray). this is a must bring item especially when u plan to stay overnight in the jungle
2. lots and lots of food and also mineral water
3. 2 pairs of spare clothes and underwears
4. spare socks
5. flip-flops
6. sun-block
7. towels
8. toiletries
9. tissues
10. swimming outfits

and yes, if i were left alone with no civilization around i dunno if i can survive or not. i am no robinson crusoe ok. :P


Bahasa Sarawak Dictionary
skalo - never seen something and when u actually see it u act like, eeeeee... oooohhh.. aaaaahh... over-amazed la senang crita or over reacted :P

p/s : pictures courtesy of Nasmee.

Monday, November 9, 2009

We will not grow old

spent the weekend in the jungle, appreciating the nature (and feeling sore all over after the trip)

will post the pics later <3

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Derita merindu

Dan aku cuba sedaya upaya

Telah ku usaha dengan sepenuh jiwa

Bagaimana hendak ku lupa
bayangan wajahmu selalu di depan mata
harum baumu masih dapat ku hidu

Bagaimana ingin aku membencimu
jikalau setiap hari merindu

Sekiranya derita merinduimu itu sebenarnya bahagia

Aku pilih derita

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take me away

now i remembered why i wanted to be heartless in the first place. to rip my heart out and throw it away just so that i wont have to feel anything.

what wud you do if the crutch that has been supporting you, that makes u strong and not fall apart for all this while has gone? the only thing that supports u when the waves of pain come crashing down on you from all sides.. gone? altho u know it cant take the strain any longer and u still use it coz its all u got left and before u know it... its gone? what wud you do?

i never meant to cause you trouble. i never meant for it to be this way.

im doing the usual. give me a couple of pills and i'll sleep it off

call me a coward for not wanting to face it. go on. go ahead and call me a coward

Knock knock

things that are dangerous to your savings account (from the most dangerous to the least dangerous) :

1. online shop
2. internet
3. free time
4. online banking

anyhu. since its the in thing now, i figured that i should(maybe should is a loose term :P) buy a few of those colorful shawls and to change my appearance a bit - earth colored shirt, black tudung, blue or brown jeans or on the days when i feel a bit good about myself - shirt with a bit more colors, black shawl (yeah, i know, black is the easiest color to match clothes with), blue and brown jeans

after lots and lots of onlineshop hopping, i finally found some pretty cool shawls at Beau Bargain Online Shop. i chose this shop to make my first ever online purchase (yes... im a bit late on these IT stuffs) coz its organized, mentions clearly the material of the shawl - i have to know what material the thing is coz usually i dont bother to do some complicated tudung arrangement and it has to be easy to wear and also bcoz most of the shawls are prettier and have varieties of shawl to choose from (i dont really like the complicated flowery designed shawl except that if its pretty enough to have me liking it). come visit Beau Bargain~ (promote sikit)

and so today, bcoz i have free time (i always have free time these days) i bought shawls again.

i fell in love with the polka dot shawl the first time i laid my eyes on its pic. with no hesitation i submitted the order form straightaway :P

this one is nice too. to add to my collection of shawls which is not much, to say the least. pictures courtesy of Beau Bargain

i spent a lot of time browsing thru those online shop but have only made three online purchases so far. as for clothes, i dont really prefer buying clothes online bcoz afraid that it might not fit me. i am picky like that.

let us ngesep, girls


Bahasa Sarawak Dictionary
ngesep - dress up, to dress up, dressing up

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



so whaddya think? since ive got the extra time in office, i decided to change the layout. and spent a great deal of the evening bcoz of this. to add the original widgets back to the page and all.

will try other blogger templates later on also.. if i have the time. i am a busy woman u know

Sunday, November 1, 2009