Friday, October 30, 2009


(Thank God Its Friday!)

is showing more skin makes a woman hot??

a bit of cleavage, showing off her long legs, or even, flashing a bit of her boobs, or a bit (maybe more) of the navel show makes a woman hottttt??

enlighten me please people. apa sebenarnya definition hot ya. aku sik paham lah

p/s : addicted to chipsmore! (chipsmore = calories more)

p/p/s : still havent started on my exercise regime yet. how la like this?


Kesian Katrina :'(

sdeh nyaaa.... :'((

(eventho i already know what is the ending, if Katrina will die or not, which she will be.... oops...... terima kasih kepada enoi for providing the full synopsis of nur kasih haha...)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

nur kasih

i think im addicted to this drama series (who doesnt?). hoho
nah. layan while u read the rest of the post~

introducing the main characters;

Nur Amina
a kind-hearted woman but also strong considering what she has to go through for more than 4 years, living without anyone to depend on, without her parents or her so-called husband, only her bestfriend Nabila. despite all the things that she has been through she managed to finish her study in architecture. i think she is too soft towards her husband, letting her husband get his way. if i were her i wudve given up on Adam the minute he went back to Australia. (jahat2)
the actor:Tiz Zaqyah. she looks better wearing tudung kan.

Adam Hassan
Adam, a spoiled lad in his younger years, was never an obedient son. but nevertheless faithful to his steady girlfriend in Australia, Katrina. left Nur to go back to Australia and married Katrina. came back to his senses after a tragic accident killing his only son with Katrina. resided permanently in Malaysia and tried to win Nur's heart back. lalala i was estatic at first when they got back together but never factored Katrina back into the equation :O
the actor:Remy Ishak. hm, not that handsome in my opinion, the face of a typical malay guy. whats with the flowery shirt anyway? (ok mayb i dont like this character much because he cheated on Nur :P)

Katrina Anne Carlson
Adam's steady girlfriend. was in the same college with him in Oz. lead a very 'non-malay' way of life when they were in college, and i totally love her accent btw. got depressed after the tragic accident resulting in her terrible state. got into fights with Adam and eventually left him when she found out about Nur. pity cant find any of her pictures wearing covered hijab from the latest episodes :P
the actor:Sharifah Sofea. she's bootylicious. one of the hot babes in Malaysia. even boyfriend kinda have a crush on her bcoz of her body. yala2, i know im too skinny to have a hot bod like that.

Aidil Hassan
he is also one of the victims in this story. loved Nur in the early of the story but accepted his father's decision of marrying his brother to Nur instead. although he knew that Nur must be alone when left behind by Adam, he never once confessed of his feeling for Nur. also kind-hearted like Nur. a very obedient son unlike his rebellious brother.
the actor:Fizz Fairuz. i think he's more handsome than Remy Ishak. saw him once in a comedy sitcom but he looked like he doesnt belong there. well, mayb ive got this image of him being Aidil only.

and last but not least, Siti Sarah
urgh she is the most annoying character in this story. a manipulator, always try to manipulate her way to get what she wants and she also doesnt care about her sister. she's totally the opposite of Nur. a bit childish n spoiled.
the actor:Umi Nazeera. i think the producer finds actors with nice names on purpose kan. all of them have fancy names. anyway from what i heard Umi Nazeera and Remy Ishak is in a relationship (correct me if im wrong). i think she is a great actor coz it must be hard to be Siti Sarah since she have to throw tantrums and cry and scream a lot. :P

cant wait for the next episode! i bet Katrina will be sick and she will die and Adam n Nur will live happily ever after. lalala

p/s : got my first ever part-time job! yahu

Monday, October 26, 2009

you know you are fat when

-you have to have soft drinks everyday
-your meal time is more than 4 times a day
-you always have stash of junk foods kept to snack on when you feel like it (which is often)
-you have that excess fat overflowing around the band of your pants
-you have to suck in your belly when wearing baby tee or fitted clothings so that the 'bump' wont be obvious
-you prefer to wear loose clothings
-sleeping is your favourite past time, even when you are working, you always feel sleepy, and on weekends you sleep more than 12 hours a day
-you only have to climb a few flights of steps but you are already panting

So from now on, im gonna start exercising again! Yosh!
(just not today....or tomorrow...or the day after tomorrow....)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rest In Peace

tho u have been gone for almost a year. u are always in my heart and u will always be the best pet i have ever had (sleep with me at night, never poops in the house, always.. always use the toilet where she's supposed to, the prettiest cat ever). blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comi miss you so much memek... i hope u are happy wherever you are now... and i dont have any pictures of her...because her pictures were in the stolen laptop... just this one... huhu

Friday, October 23, 2009


saya mimpi saya dpt pointer 3.9!! hahahahahahaha memang berbunga-bunga hati dan sgt gumbira.

(moga2 dimakbulkan mimpi tersebut, amin.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

things men should know about women

why do women cant get enough of clothes, shoes, bags, accesories...etc...?
its a natural thing for women to want to feel beautiful, hence all the things that they think can make them look better, and nicer. and its retail therapy that can make them (at least) happy (other than food and friends and boyf). dont tell me u dont like seeing women dressing up. and screw the "cinta itu buta" and "its the inside that matters not the look" crap.. admit it, looks matter too (at least in the beginning).

why do women have to be such control freaks?
fyi, the term control freak is suitable only for certain people only, not all women are control freaks but i bet its hard to find a girl who dont take most matters seriously and dont give a damn about almost everything. women want to feel secure and sure of things. so do understand if something u regard as simple, become unecessarily complicated bcoz of women

why do women say one thing, but actually means another?
ok i admit, that some women are straightforward therefore easier for you to handle right? but for the others they prefer to opt for subtlety. hoping that their other half would understand them (OTHER HALF bah... duhhh) and anyway sometimes they just dont want to hurt u guys knowing that the truth is not really what u want to hear.

why do women say themselves fat and ugly and a bitch and all those stuff, but when other people say the same thing about them, they freak out or they get all emo? and what do they expect us to say when they ask us if they are fat or not? or if they look good or not?
in answering the latter, i would guess that most women would want their other half to say that they are beautiful, pretty, this, that... because women like compliments. even if sometimes they dont show it, admit it, everyone feels at least a teeny bit flattered when people compliment them right? so guys, even when she's in her worst hair day, just tell her that to you, she's still pretty, she'll appreciate that. and, who doesnt feel offended when people say bad things about them? saying it ourselves is totally a different thing.

what do women want in a relationship?
overall, what women will want most in a relationship is commitment, honesty and communication. honestly without these i dont really think the relationship will last long (but then again, who am i to argue). but based on the examples that i have seen all around me, lack of one of the three things will not do for a good relationship. and oh, guys, if your woman have said that she doesnt mind u not doing all the romantic stuff, sometimes she will want to see the romantic side of u, she will want to do romantic stuffs once in a while, my point is, u cant always take literally what ur woman tell you. the most important thing is that us women sometimes dont speak out loud what we want so thats ur job to figure out what we want, its not that hard to figure out, mayb she already hinted or something :PPP (again, OTHER HALF bahhh)
i already give some hints kan sayang >0<

so far that is all i can think of, haha. any objections whatsoever? :P

p/s : a respond to this :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


for illustration purpose only

the pros and cons of dating older men;

1. u get to hang out with his friends and u wud look cool hanging out with older people (provided that his friends ARE cool)
2. he's got more money than u (provided that he secured a job)

1. his friends will treat u like a 7 year old kid because u are too young to hang out with them (provided that his friends rasa cool)
2. u cant fit in his circle of friends because of the age gap
3. he's moving on too fast in the relationship
4. he will think that he's more matured than u and therefore will feel superior or think that he is always right and ure always wrong

okay, mayb im a bit biased here but i cant think of any more advantages of dating older men so if u want to add some more, u r welcomed to do that. this is strictly just my point of view. :P

anyhoos. this is Tambi, one of the kittens. we call her Tambi coz her fur is black-ish

we fold her ears so that she looks like an elf. nya polah muka bodoe jak >_<

p/s : i suppose in Kuching smoking is a 'cool' thing to do even for the ladies.

Friday, October 16, 2009

paper planes

please be aware that this post is only interesting for book-lovers or nerds (like me, but i'm a cool nerd obviously).

let us see what happened to one of my favourite books;

sob3. the cover has almost fallen off due to excessive usage of the owner and her siblings.

but not to worry, Mr Cell-Oh-Tape is here to save the day!.....

tadaaaa.. the book is already mended and taped up nicely, thanks to Mr Cell-Oh-Tape...UUuuu look! Mr Cell-Oh-Tape and the book become buddies already, awwww how cute.

its a harry potter book, as u guys can see there from the picture and its the first harry potter book i have, given by my ex back in 2005. and ive read it like, more than 10 times already since i first got the book.

oh yes, i love reading but it is kinda hard to find the books that i really like to read and since i prefer mostly books of the fantasy genre, u can guess what kind of books i usually think worth of buying and collecting...for example, harry potter series (one of my greatest addictions, apart from my boyf), the twilight saga, shopaholic series, and i got a few of jodi picoult's but then decided lately that her books make me feel depressed and emo so i dont buy them anymore.. and lots and lots of reader's digest since a few family members like to read reader's digest too (yes... i dont read fictions only i read magazine also....). itu sahaja... yeah i only got a few collections of book since i am too stingy to buy lots of books and borrow them from friends instead. hehe.

spent most of the morning taping up the book and luckily my supervisor didnt mind, since i dont have anything else to do.. yes this is what i do every morning if im out of work, waddle here n there, clear my desk, eat n eat n eat, sometimes if im bored enough i eat eventho i was not hungry at that time (thats why ive got lots of food at my desk)

it is THE time of the month, when girls have to endure some pain in the abdomen, or horrible backaches, and u feel like nothing's right....pity boyf for having to put up with my tantrums for i have the most terrible tantrums especially when THE time of the month comes. even my parents dont want to talk to me much when i become a mongsterrr heheheh

yeay pegi concrete batching plant! im off bye

p/s: tengok sorority row ju?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

its about time i share a bit more on my internship here.

my workstation. marilah kita sama2 lihat;

very messy. org penting bah! no time to tidy up.

itu sahaja. sekian

p/s : my stash of food is hidden well behind the computer and my soft drinks is kept in the drawer. huh! makan jak keja!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

changed my mind eventho i know no one's reading this.

feeling rather down most of the time.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

am on hiatus. no inspiration whatsoever for the time being. my inspiration is far away from me right now. nya rah Johor. sob3. boring.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

the thing that makes a man well respected.

- knows his responsibilities to his family, work, and religion.

that is all. pretty simple but nowadays its hard to find a man from my generation whom i can respect much.

p/s : i am seeing the world at its end. muslims can be seen eating or drinking what they're not supposed to in the public. it disgusts me.

p/p/s : Al-Fatihah to our fallen muslim friends in Padang, Sumatera.

p/p/p/s : im not saying im perfect im just stating the truth

Thursday, October 1, 2009

never say never


another nice song. but makes me feel mellow

ive packed a change of clothes and its time to move on

for the first time in so long, this morning, i read the newspaper. and oh my there are some terrible horrible news that made me grimace just reading about it (and i remembered why i dont read papers or watch the news often)

what irked me most is about the Malaysians-stole-Indonesians-cultures issue. i mean, i dont really understand why it is said to be stolen when Malaysians and Indonesians are generally Malays. come on la, we're in the same race no matter where we come from. of courseee the culture is the same. and to think that we let this petty issue become a controversy. *emo2*


holiday was fine. spent most of it being sick and sleeping. for people who know me well they wont be surprise. i can sleep even when i cook. XD
nahhh thats an exaggeration. all in all, it was great spending time with friends and some of them i only get to see only once or twice a year. wont post any pictures here tho, posted some on facebook already. and the getting sick part is to be expected since the week before Eid i was so busy it was exhausting.

i was online this morning and saw the status messages of friends at utp on gtalk saying that the internet connection is slow and i thought that how lucky i am to have a decent connection here in the office but i found out internet ctok pun slow juak today!

this is pointless.

bah. kerja gk