Saturday, February 27, 2010


Untuk kesayangan,

Semoga kita dapat menempuhi halangan yang mendatang bersama-sama, dan saling mencintai sehingga nafas terakhir.

Us, 2 years ago

Us, 27th February 2010

Selamat ulangtahun ke-2 kita bersama. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It takes only these words to scare a girl away, especially when you guys have just met;

"Are you horny? I know I am"

p/s : I've yet to come up with a clever reply to this. and its not my boyf oke. hahah.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Tagged by Zima;

In this tag you have to talk everything about anyone that you like, which is :

Kamal Hafiz

1. apakah hubungan anda dengan dia?

Ah. It is complicated to explain. You guys don't tell him that I like him ok? Malu.

2. 5 impression terhadap dia?

He is selfless. Thinks of others first before thinking for himself

Funny and he likes to (isi tempat kosong) in front of me

Caring and loves cats

Wise and clever (and can get 4 flat if he study his ass off)


3. perkara yang paling memorable dia lakukan kepada awak?

Once we had a big argument, kinda my bad, but he still thinks of my safety and well-being first eventhough at that time we were not talking to each other

4. perkara yang paling memorable dia katakan pada awak?

"I want to have 10 kids"

5. kalau dia kekasih awak?

Em, this is tricky. Well, I'll treat him good :P

6. kalau dia jadi musuh awak?

How can you hate the person you like?

7. kalau dia kekasih awak, awak akan??

8. kalau dia jadi musuh awak mungkin kerana

Because I killed cats

9. overall impression tentang dia?

He's a breath of fresh air :) Cannot be found anywhere else

10. the most desirable thing to do to her/him

Pounce on him and....

No lah, I want to make him happy that's all

11. apakah awak rasa pandangan orang terhadap awak?


12.apakah sebenarnya perangai anda?

I like to sleep most of my free time I spend by sleeping. I am not kidding when I tell you my hobby is sleeping

13. perangai anda yang anda benci?


14. orang yang anda ingin bersama

Kamal Hafiz

15. katakan sesuatu untuk orang-orang yang suka anda

No one likes me.

16. tag 4 orang


17. no 2 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Dengan Rafi

18. no 3 lelaki atau perempuan?
Hm. I'm not sure

19. no 1 single kah?
No :P

20. no 4 belajar apa?
Belajar memasak

p/s : :P

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sob sob

I dreamt of baby last night :'(


Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're So Schweeet

p/s :

Well, No I Won't

And no sayang, I won't leave you just because you do stupid things in front of me <3 <3

p/s :

Monday, February 15, 2010


Goodbye by Jang-Geun Suk

What should I do?
I am just watching you
I can’t even say a short farewell
You hold on to my cold hands
But now I have to send you away
What should I do?
You are going far away
My heart is filling with tears
Even though I try my best to hide it, I can’t
This heart I couldn’t catch

What should I do?
Don’t forget the memories we loved
Even if you find another person that makes you smile
Even the painful farewell
I am glad that it was you
Gathering all my sad tears
Good bye

There was nothing I’ve done for you
Sadly, only scars are left
The person who encompassed my changed heart
Now I have to send you away

What should I do?
Don’t forget the memories we loved
Even if you find another person that makes you smile
Even the painful farewell
I am glad that it was you
If the tears fall because it is so painful to endure

I am glad that it was you
My love that I can’t reach
Now I have to send you away
The only person that can make me laugh is you

Even if love is so deep and the heart hurts so much
Don’t forget the happy memories we shared
Even if you find another person that makes you smile
Even the painful farewell

I am glad that it was you
The thing that I could do with all my sad tears
Good bye

When words fail you, you can always turn to music. Always.

p/s : My blog is turning into a lyrics database.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late Night Request

Got this from Anis. Thank you Anis~~

Oh,sorrow, won't you flow out?
These tired veins have dried
This tired soul has burned out
Collect her
Bring her back here next to me
Cause I need her now
I need her touch so desperately
So go now, dont come till the night is done
And I will wait for you
Yeah I will wait for you

Oh distance,oh why wont you disappear?
This electric love is so tiring and so dear
Collect her, bring her back here next to me
Cause I need her now
Oh yeah I need her now
So go now, dont come till the job is done
And I will wait for you
Yeah I will wait for you...

p/s : This song is for you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Lost Him / Her

Another one from :P Best bah.

Boy:I saw her today…
Girl:I saw him today…
Boy:It seems like its been forever
Girl: I wonder if he still cares…
Boy:She looks better than before…
Girl: I couldn`t help but stare
Boy:I asked her how she was
Girl: I asked him about his new girlfriend
Boy: I`d choose her over any girl
Girl: He`s probably happy now
Boy:I couln`t look at her without thinking i would cry.
Girl: He couldn`t even look at me…
Boy:I told her I missed her…
Girl: He told me he missed me…
Boy: I meant it…
Girl: He didn`t mean it…
Boy:I love her
Girl: He loves her…
Boy: I held her
Girl: He gave me a friendly hug…
Boy: Then I went home and cried…
Girl: Then I went home and cried…
Boy: I lost her
Girl: I lost him
Boy: *Sigh*
Girl: *Sigh*

p/s : The moral of the story never assume so easily about things ok!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Truth About Girls

-We’re always right even when we’re wrong.

-We’ll never be too old for sleepovers.

-We must go to the bathroom in groups.

-We should never be used as objects.

-Sometimes is just quite never enough.

-“Fine” never means anything good.

-We are not ashamed of crying.

-Gossip isn’t a sin. It is an art.

-We have this thing called feelings - don’t hurt them

-Behind EVERY b**ch there’s a guy who made her that way

-Hoes over bros. no questions asked.

- we don’t wake up looking takes time and effort. for most.

- we need girls nights OFTEN…

- we hold grudges and we never forget things you say to us that hurt

-It doesn’t matter who dumped who or why…whenever we see an ex with another girl , it will always bother us. not because we’re not over you but just because we know we used to be that girl

- Makeup can hide so many things from puffy eyes from crying to huge scars from a broken heart

- never ever ask a girl what she weighs, or imply anything about our weight being too much or too little, just don’t do it.

- our eyes are located in our heads. not our chest or a**. and when you’re not looking in our eyes… WE KNOW

-Our three favorite words: Let’s go shopping.

-We win the arguments.

-We love our best friends more than our boy friends.

-We create drama.

-We forgive but don’t forget.

-“Luv ya” isn’t the same as “love you”.

-We love to cuddle.

-If you take our chocolate, we will get ugly.

-Never mess with us while we’re PMSing.

-We love the little things.

-We travel in packs.

-My heels may look hot but they hurt like crap.

-We are never to old to play “dress up".

Took this from

p/s : Why do I feel that most of my posts lately can be categorized as sexist. Hm

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My friend's status msg on his fb inspired me to post this;

5 Signs You're Headed Toward a Breakup (taken from Yahoo!)

1. You stop relationship-building behaviors.

In the honeymoon stage of a relationship, which we all know is the first 90 days of pure bliss, you are learning about each other and making efforts to create romantic moods and nice evenings. When you're in that stage, you are really working at building your relationship. Then, at some point, you start to butt heads with each other. Critical relationship elements deteriorate. Maybe you stop kissing each other goodbye or stop texting each other during the day. Instead of adding things to the relationship, you start to resent each other like two five-year-olds who stop sharing their crayons. This is a breakup point.

2. You don't understand each other anymore.

The fighting escalates to a place where you no longer feel like you're understood by your partner. Physical intimacy stops, communication stops, and you are living like roommates. You're at the point in the relationship where you are trying to understand each other, but you get so frustrated because you feel like you just don't understand each other anymore. This is a breakup point.

3. You start punishing each other.

When you get to the point of no longer understanding each other, what happens is that you end up just kind of coexisting in the new dynamic. Resentment builds and you get in your head too much. You are no longer about feelings, and you start punishing each other. "Well, he hasn't done this for me, so I'm not going to do this for him" are the kind of thoughts that take root. The longer you stay in that dynamic and the further away you get from the dynamic you had during the early part of the relationship, the less likely it is that you'll ever get it back (and, after a point, you won't). You have hit the breakup point.

4. You fight less.

When you get to the breakup point, you actually fight less with your partner. You fight less because in your mind and heart you start detaching yourself from the other person, and you don't care as much anymore. You have already made a determination that they don't understand you, that they will never understand you, and that the relationship just won't work out. The minute you get into a fight, you just walk away from it. That is a sure sign that you are at the breakup point.

5. You've taken the time to think it through.

When you think you might have hit that breakup point, you must tell the person that you're disconnecting from them. You need to be honest and raw. If you don't think the relationship is going to work, or you know you've already disconnected based on how things have been going, then you might want to consider walking away for a week. When you're in the thick of things, they never seem to be able to work out.

So, whatdya think? True or not? :P

p/s : This post has nothing to do with anyone, regardless live or dead.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When the world fails you,

you'll be missing them the most. :'(