Saturday, December 27, 2008

so be it

in loving memory

they were super duper cute but were lost a few months ago. this post is so outdated.

anyway, i dont know whats wrong with me lately, feeling like everything is not enough, him loving me is not enough, being with family is not enough, just being around friends is not enough, then what is? i cant tell bf how im feeling, not without making him hurt. huhu

to a friend; i didnt chicken out! :D


Saturday, December 13, 2008

getting old

when i turned 20, i expected some changes in me, maybe to feel more mature, or to have bigger chests, or to miraculously have lots and lots of money in the account.. or. hehe i dont know what else exactly that i expected. but then i still stammer when im in an awkward situation, and i still keep my old bolster (already yellowing), i still watch spongebob squarepants and im still my old self. hehe

my birthday was a blast nonetheless. had dinner with family the night before at the garden steamboat restaurant and tonight had dinner with friends at the pizza hut, which i dont forget to mention, we got free dessert at the pizza hut because they happen to have free treat for birthdays. hehe

okay i dont know what else to write so here are my wishlist for my birthday :

1. a brand new sony camera
2. brand new purse
3. brand new laptop

generally thats it. hehe so u know what to get me and its not too late to buy me the pressies! :D thank you so much! xoxoxo