Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sangat2 xde mod and mengantuk.

i think this song is cool and the lyric is nice. here u go

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Celebrating Eid Ul-Fitr's

its never too late to say Selamat Hari Raya!!

and i would like to apologize for all my wrong-doings to you, you, you, you, and you.

May you guys have a blast this Eid's. :))

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Back then;

- haha i found this. and guess what? it still applies after all these years. but the difference now is that i love my boyf and he is the one who can always turn me on no matter how he is and what he has. :) and also want to add to the list of things that turns me off, emo people (sikit2 merajuk, sikit2 xmok tegur, sikit2 xmok kwn, that sort of behaviour disgust me to the core)

- i realize my english is better when im emo

- and i realize it took me a loooooong time to get over my ex

- and andddd i realize some people borrowed my clothes a few years back and never return it!

- i used to have a pea for a brain and i think i still have a pea for a brain just that it has upgraded a bit haha

- and i whined too much i was practically a whiner

- i often did 'pep-talks' for myself

- 2005 graduation;

i love this pic!! :DD

- me and my ex used to have this conv.
aziz : wani, u believe in destiny?
wani : yeah. why?
aziz : well, nothing really. its just that i still have the feeling that we will be together one day even if now or later on i meet someone else.
wani : maybe...

but now? hm hm everything ends well eventho both of us are not together anymore :PPP

- i used to love driving but now i hate it!

- i was so depressed that i used to take anti-depressants

- my xangan friends are nice.. i miss them

- i wanted to open a bakery! hahah :)

- and i often took these quizzes often :P

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.

Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.

You are willing to sacrifice your world for your sweetie.

Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.

For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

- i used to have a wishlist but i dont anymore not when i realize that life is a bitch :)

dah. i stopped reading my xanga up until middle of 2006.

wowzerssss three posts in a day! this has to be a record.
and whaddya know! i am still in the office sitting here doing nothing just for the sake of attendance and oh how fun it is! whoopdeedoo!

i still dont have the mood to celebrate Eid's.

p/s : i'm digging Vanilla Sky's, Umbrella. download la to listen k! too lazy to post the song here
and i miss my besties :'(
i think my english is better back then. lol

p/s : reading my abandoned xanga blog

Friday, September 18, 2009

differences between adults and children;

1. children usually have at least three ambitions; usually they want to be doctors, actors, performers, engineers. tapi skrg... only a few people stick to their ambitions when they were little. kan2. i dont even know what i want to be tho im heading to the career of engineering.

2. children can just sulk or cry whenever they dont get whatever they want or mayb when they are mad or sad. tapi skrg? xkan laaa want to cry in front of people whenever we feel disappointed or sad or mad. paling2 pun we can just scream and yell at other people which usually ending up with people hating our guts

3. children dont have to think where to find money, how to save money, worry about money, worry about work. tp skrg? i think it will not be long before my hair fall in clumps because of all the worrying

the point is it is wayyy easier to be a little kid.

thats all i can think of now. tambahlah if u want to.

p/s : bahasa rojak manglish bcoz i dont bother to fikir

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

for those who know me, im not really into cooking but i tried to bake cookies yesterday hahaha lets see how is the result;

first attempt. kah3

sudah cantek. all golden-ish in colour. keh3. not bad eh

anyway, itu biskut kacang. so easy to do, senang kacang potet. mother said it tastes nice. :8)

and oh here are pictures of baby;

she thought the kittens are her babies. :( the mami of the kittens pun xmarah sharing her babies with tam2. so kesian but the most important thing is she is getting better. :)

bah. work22222

Monday, September 14, 2009

to be frank, sometimes it freaks me out to think that i actually have been considering marrying and having kids at this age. and to make it worse i sometimes even have the urge to just get married and get it over with V_V

but im too young to have kids! i want to have vacations every month with boyf to different places until we get sick of it thennnnnn i'll be ready to have kids.

or mayb i should work hard on being rich thennnnn i'll be ready to have kids.

or i should enjoy my youth first, spend time with friends, buy this buy that, do things that i cant do when i have kids and be all fugly (fat + ugly) and tired thennnnn i'll be ready to have kids.

or after i make sure that my husband will still love me even when i am fugly after having his kids.

yeah, i will make sure i do all that and more before having kids :)

p/s : im just bored. nothing to do in the office and not a fan of youtube, facebook whatsoever..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


selama 21 hari aku menahan segala dugaan sama ada dr tpt keje mahupun dr rumah mahupun dr time driving (dugaan plg hebat) mahupun menahan lapa ble tercium bau makanan ofismate tgh mkn.

tapi hari ni... sob22... aku kalah.... lepas 4 jam berpanas bwh terik matahari di site and dgn keadaan yg dah pening2 lalat and hampir pitam sbb dehydrated sgt2, aku tpakse gak melakukan bende yg aku semmgnye xmau kalo boleh.

huhu igtkan nk wat record perfect pose tahun ni. sdey2222222222222

p/s : i miss you

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the past

look what i found in my old photobucket account;

drama group discussion (my fav slipper in the background), 2006

fooling around with roommate, 2006

zaman kurus, 2006

siblings (minus amirul), 2005

camwhoring during lecture, 2006

and lots of pictures from the few years back. *sigh* i was thinner back then. (haha!) now i look like a a fat old lady. i wish life is more carefree like it was before. guess i wish for lots of things lately eh

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

people have been asking me ' dont u feel guilty for aborting the kittens?'

i dont know if they know it but i sure damn well feel guilty for it, guilty enough to spend the rest of my life in misery! (and THANK YOU SO MUCH to them people for rubbing it in, its not as if i need to add to the guilty, and yes i know about being punished at hell for this, i appreciate the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

baby (my cat who originally is tamtam, i just call her baby coz i feel like it) is sick again today and i send her straight to the vet and let the doctor keep her there for a few days bcoz i dont trust myself to take care of her at least for the time being, sob2...

on a less relevant note, ive managed to control my temper on the road, less cursing and less stubborn; just the occasional honkings and glaring at farking rude people (strictly under the circumstances of over-the-limit rudeness)

anyway its been a long time since i meet up with some friends and ive missed them but i know its my fault always busy, always have no time to join them for dinner or whatsoever, i hope i can meet up with them soon mayb for Eid's.

and i hope for a miracle that mayb dena will be back to Kch for Eid's too. :P

bah. better get back to boring life.

Monday, September 7, 2009

maaf kerana takdpt jadi sempurna dlm segala segi.

but i will never leave you, never stop loving you because i know how it felt to lose someone you love so much and i wont ever take you for granted. i know i will never forgive myself if i ever let you go. we will get through the ups and downs together. i promise you that.

tatao nak blog best2 dlm bm. lol
now that ive aborted the babies it feels so wrong. my cat is sick and i will suffer the guilt for the rest of my life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

she was mine

my favourite for the time being;

dedicated to anyone in long-distance relationships :)

of right and wrong

decision of the day; to abort the unborn babies of our cat. i feel very torn because i know it wud be painful for the cat but at the same time we cant possibly add to the number of cats at home which is now 7 cats altogether.

silly me to fuss over cats like that. but i love them!

this evening i will bring her to the vet to have the surgery. oh how i wish i have done the vasectomy earlier so that she wont have to suffer. i feel like kicking myself right now.

Friday, September 4, 2009

what now?

i miss boyfriend so much that it got to the point where its painful just not to have him by my side.

bleargh. i half wished that we both applied for industrial training at kl instead of kuching but then maybe life will be harder living in kl. working life is boring, thats why i dont update much lately, and i dont get to go out with friends especially on weekdays bcoz i spend more than half of the day working and commuting to and from work, u see, when factored in the traffic jams and what with my house being far from town, the average time i spend on the road everyday is at least 4 hrs.

i guess i shudnt complain much tho, i know there are worse case than me out there :P

this morning i suddenly wish that harry potter is real and we all are living in the harry potter world. Voldermort u say? heheh. harry potter finished him off in the last book so i guess the harry potter world is pretty safe right now. heheh gila oh. adaka harry potter bena2. mayb im getting bored with my life so much right now that i thought of wishing such nonsense.

i hate to admit it but i miss utp and i miss my classmates. i really cant wait for this training to be over so that i can go back to utp and (go to class?) he. its not as if i was eager in attending classes :P anyway my point is student life is soooooo much better than working life.

okeh! im out of ideas already. better get to work asap. toodles